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tenderOne of my favourite food writers is Nigel Slater and his new book for Christmas is called Tender, a book about vegetables — how to grow them, and how to cook them.   You can grow them in pots on your balcony, on your window ledge, and in Nigel’s case, he dug up his lawn as well.  As he says, he’s put in this book everything he knows about vegetables.  So after you’ve grown them, he gives you lots and lots of recipes on how to cook them. In the Chinese Greens section is a brilliant recipe for Prawn, Leaves and Limes.  And his pumpkin scone looks fabulous.  There is even a fragrant supper for one using eggplant, yoghurt and lots of herbs.  This is one book I will definitely be taking home and using.


conspiracyjanuary1Gabrielle Lord is writing a gripping series for boys eleven and older.  It’s called Conspiracy 365 and one book will be published each month.  January, the beginning, is out now and it’s a book virtually guaranteed to get you hooked.   The series starts on New Year’s Eve when Cal, a 15 year old boy, is chased by a sick, staggering man who warns him ‘They killed your father, they’ll kill you’.  Cal is not sure what to believe, but as events unfold, he finds himself on his own, on the run, with not even his mother believing in him.  It’s a great first book.  Unfortunately, I’ve got to wait until February to read the second book.


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