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legacyI’ve just read Kirsten Tranter’s first book, The Legacy. It’s one of those extraordinary first novels that pop up now and then – it’s very accomplished, very lyrical, about a young woman who falls in love with a wealthy New Yorker, leaves Australia and her friends for his life, and then a few years later, on September 11, 2001, disappears.  Her best friend from her Australian years decides to find out what happened.  It’s a book definitely worth reading.


chronic-cityIf you enjoyed Motherless Brooklyn, Lethem’s romp through Brooklyn as Lionel, a young adolescent with Tourette’s, becomes a real detective investigating his friend’s murder, you’ll be delighted with this new book.  It’s difficult to talk about as the themes are many.  Chase is a Manhatten fixture on the social circuit, famous for two things – his childhood film years, and his fiancee who is marooned on the International Space Station.  And there is an escaped tiger rumoured to be free on the Upper East Side.  It’s been picked as one of the great books for this year.


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