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heartstoneHave you been reading the C J Sansom books whose main character is Shardlake, the hunchback lawyer, in the court of Henry VIII?  This is a fabulous crime series where Shardlake battles not only  murder, but has to negotiate the politics of Henry’s court and the ambitious courtiers determined to get ahead any way possible.   The series starts with Dissolution, and I have just finished the fifth,  Heartstone, due next week.  In this adventure, Shardlake is requested by Queen Catherine Parr to investigate ‘monstrous wrongs’ committed against a ward of the court .  And the background is  Henry’s war against the French and the sinking of the Mary Rose.  It’s such a great series, painstakingly researched, brilliantly written.


anthropology-of-an-american-girlThis is one of my top five books for this year.   Written by Hilary Thayer Hamann, the book was originally self published in the US, it’s now been picked up by a major publisher and has become available for all of us.  It’s a contemporary love story set on Long Island and has been compared to Catcher in the Rye, written for this generation. Eveline is sixteen, a complex, disconnected and tragic teenager who falls deeply for an older drama teacher.  Beautifully written, a passionate love story.  I loved it.


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