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krakenI’ve become a keen China Mieville fan.  His new book, Kraken, has me gripped as I try to get to sleep at night.  The giant squid, perfectly preserved and kept in the Natural History Museum, has disappeared.  Billy Harrow is the curator and he soon finds himself in the middle of an elite police unit which hunts cults and then the cults themselves take an interest in Billy.  Mieville manages to paint the most astounding people in this book, including a talking tattoo on a very unwilling man’s back.  And I guess you can see where this is going  – one of the cults believes the giant squid is divine – literally.  A great story.


peter-stutchburyPeter’s new book arrived last week, Peter Stutchbury, Selected Projects. His work is beautiful and if you are in the market for a house which reflects this area, I dont think you could go past Peter’s work.  And I didn’t realise the variety of projects he has done, from a woolshed near Wagga, to Sydney Archery Park at Homebush and those wonderful houses that we see around this area which blend brilliantly into the natural bushland.  A book I’m really excited to stock.


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