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One of the great thrillers from last year was The Lock Artist, the story of Michael, a mute teenager who has an uncanny ability with locks, an ability which makes him irresistable to those of the criminal bent.  This was one of those books I couldn’t put down.  Now Hamilton’s new book is now instore – Misery Bay. It’s set around Lake Superior in winter when a young man is found hanging from a tree on the shores of Misery Bay.  The boy’s father employs a retired cop to investigate, because he doesn’t believe the boy would kill himself.  And of course the cop unearths the veritable nest of vipers.  Another great pageturner that kept me awake.


I dont know if you read Carrie Tiffany’s Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living about five years ago.  It was a terrific story from a young Australian author.  Carrie’s second book is now out and it’s a gem.  It’s called Mateship with Birds, it’s set in country Australia in the 1950s, and it’s the story of Harry the dairy farmer, his next door neighbour Betty, a widow with two children and their relationship with the birds and with each other.  It’s delightful.  One of those books I cant wait to get home to read.  The only problem has been Macmillan and their supply – hopefully today we’ll get stock.


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