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No, I don’t watch the TV series and I’ve never used one of his cookbooks before.  A couple of months ago I picked up his new book, Everyday Veg, looked at it, put it back, picked it up again and within a week had taken it home.  Now I’m using it about four times a week.  Yes it is vegetarian food but unlike every other vegetarian book I’ve used, it doesn’t take hours to do.  The food is simple and is prepared and cooked usually in 30 minutes.  And he’s not adverse to using tins from the pantry.  I made his Chickpeas and Kale (but I used silverbeet, chickpeas from a tin), it took about 20 minutes and was nothing short of brilliant – not my cooking, it was the recipe.  And now I’m getting people coming into the store and talking about the book.  Do look at it next time you’re in.  It’s a treat.


Tomorrow, Saturday August 11, is National Bookshop Day.  This is the day you can show your support for your local bookshop by coming in, talking to the people behind the counter, and seeing just how bookshops add value to your community.   Without bookshops, your community would be a lesser place.  Here at Bookoccino, we’re offering 10% off all children’s books and free giftwrapping.  And we’ve got balloons to give to you as well.  Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Tana French has written three books, two of which were brilliant – In the Woods and Faithful Place, the third, The Likeness, really good.  Now her fourth book, Broken Harbour, is available, and undoubtedly the best of her books.  It’s an atmospheric thriller set in a housing development on the coast near Dublin, a development  laid waste by the global financial crisis.  Most of the houses aren’t finished, people who moved in have now moved out and on.  The Spain family, a family which was surviving the crisis well, are now all found dead in their house, and the house itself has holes in the wall, traps in the ceiling.  The police have no idea what happened, and the detective from the murder squad begins the investigation believing the husband murdered his wife and two children, then killed himself.  But things keep changing, and in no time we are knee deep in obsession with a breathtaking ending to the story.  If you’re after white-knuckle reading, you can’t go past this.


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