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I guess this would be called speculative fiction.  This proof came to me in five separate parts.  I lost the first part, started reading the fifth, became so engrossed in the story that I then worked backwards and finished at the second part.  It takes a really good book to keep me reading it in reverse.  Humanity is surviving in what is an underground silo of over 130 levels.  There are different levels for different necessities for survival – food here, nursery for children here, sleeping spaces here, mechanicals to keep the whole thing going down here.  And you can’t go outside because the air is poisonous.  But some people dont like the idea of specific people with very specific ideas running the silo, so an uprising begins to foment.   Still haven’t read the first book but was hooked by the other four.  And of course for you, the five books come in one.


Yes, it’s now in store, so call by to pick one up.  If you’re after some inspiration, or want to see what the great books for Christmas will be, our catalogue is the answer.  And what better Christmas gift than a beautiful book – something that you keep and treasure for ever.


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