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Robert Wilson is one of my favourite thriller writers.  His books were usually set in Seville, his detective Javier Falcon a man dealing with a difficult father, a frustrating job.  They were terrific stories but we’ve heard nothing from Wilson for years.  Then joy oh joy, he’s surfaced with a new publisher.  The brand new book, Capital Punishment, is set in London where Charlie Boxer, ex army, ex police, has become a kidnap recovery specialist.  Alyshia, the daughter of an Indian tycoon, has been kidnapped, but the kidnappers are being vague about the amount of money they are after.  The further into the book you go, the more you learn about the corruption of her father and the nasty plans the kidnappers have for Alyshia.  And of course, there is a terrorist plot interwoven.  It’s a great story, and wonderful to have Wilson back on our shelves.


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