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New James Lee Burke.  Yessss.  It’s called The Light of the World , the bad news is that you cant buy it until July, but the good news is that it is worth waiting for.  Another Robicheaux book, set in Montana and Clete, his daughter Gretchen who is the retired hit person, and Dave’s daughter Alafair are all there.  Together with the usual total nut jobs waiting to kill the next person in strange ways.  Love his books.


Really sad news this week.  Iain Banks (or you might know him as Iain M Banks) is seriously ill and I think here we’ve all felt this terrible sadness.  This man has given so much to so many people.  His books are always fabulous – some are more difficult to penetrate (I dont have a science/physics brain so have trouble with his Science Fiction/Culture novels), some are so funny, Stonemouth, for example, some are just breathtaking with their audacity of thought – The Wasp Factory, The Bridge, Transition. Most authors have a few really high spots, and a lot of average spots, but Iain Banks has never ever missed with any of his books, and each one is unique in its own way.  If you’d like to leave a message for him, his website will take you to a Guest Book – here’s the link –  Let’s all work on sending a miracle to him.


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