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We had such an interesting author talk this week with Giovanni Pilu from Pilu Restaurant at Freshwater.  Giovanni is from Sardinia (about which I knew very little) and he talked about Sardinia, Sardinian history and food and where to go when you visit Sardinia.  He explained that Sardinians, up until about a hundred years ago, didn’t eat seafood because they lived up in the mountains to escape invaders, their staples being meat, bread and cheese.  From this history came their fabulous bread (Giovanni brought some and we all loved it), their cheeses, their salumis.  He also explained the influences on Sardinian food – Arabian from Africa to the south, Italian to the east and Catalan/Spanish to the west.  So with this explanation, you can understand how great and varied the food is.  His book is called A Sardinian Cookbook and his wonderful restaurant is at Freshwater.  Enjoy!


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