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I’ve just had a blissful week off, some of the time sitting on the Indian Pacific from Perth to Sydney.  The big disappointment were the books I took that I really didn’t like.   I wont mention the names, because they are both really highly regarded, but what I can tell you is that friday I picked up the new Donna Tartt – she of The Secret History fame.  Her new book, The Goldfinch, is the great book I’ve been waiting for for this Christmas period.  It’s due in store October 23, and you MUST read it.  It’s brilliant.  Really really good.  Roll on lunch time so I can sit down and read some more!  And why didn’t I take this one with me!


Have you been reading the Oryx and Crake trilogy by Margaret Atwood?  This is a wonderful, tragic, unsettling tale of a terrifying future of genetic manipulation gone disasterously wrong. A man-made plague destroyed virtually all of humanity.  A small group survived, along with the Crakers, a gentle species genetically engineered to replace humans.  The trilogy is the story of the survivors and their continuing fight to live.  In the third book, we learn how all this came to be, the backstory of some of the characters, who was responsible, and realise that the idea that humans may not survive much longer in Atwood’s world is pretty true.  You really need to read the three books, in order, to get the beauty of the trilogy.  It’s a joy to read, a joy tinged with depression because what Atwood describes in her magnificent style is pretty close to what’s already happening right now in our world.


Michael always writes great thrillers.  Occasionally a reviewer will call his books ‘scary’ or ‘terrifying’ but they aren’t.  They are just great, reliable crime thrillers, always well written, always with great characters and a twisting plot that leads you to an unexpected end.  His new book, Watching You, is no exception.  Marnie’s husband disappeared and now she feels someone is watching her.  If you’re after a pageturner with a twist, this will certainly fill the bill.


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