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Avalon is having a great community event at Dunbar Park on saturday November 2.  It’s called Community Rising and there’ll be a community yoga class 5:30pm to 6:30pm, Picnic on the Grass 6:30 – 7:00 followed by the Disney film Earth 7:00 till 8:30, on the big screen under the stars.  Doesn’t it sound a great afternoon/evening?  And part of Community Rising is a poetry writing competition, written works inspired by the word community, with three categories (youth, teen and adult) with winners announced and poems read on the night.  You can find out more about this evening from the Avalon Beach Village Chamber of Commerce website.  Get your pens ready and submit your poems soon.  See you on the night.


With the Naval Fleet Review in Sydney this week, it’s pertinent to talk about Mike’s new book on HMAS Sydney’s hunt for the German raider Emden.  The first ships of the Royal Australian Navy sailed into Sydney Harbour in October 1913.  Less than a year later Australia had gone to war.  In the opening months of the war a German raider, the Emden, was prowling around the Indian Ocean, raiding ships and attacking British ports.  It was the HMAS Sydney that found the Emden, engaged in battle, and sank her.  The first sinking of the enemy in WWI.  It’s a terrific read, rather like reading a fast paced thriller – but this is history.


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