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I think each of his books gets better.  The books of his I’ve read are set in eastern Texas usually around the turn of last century and yes, they are crime books. The Thicket is the story of 16 year old Jack and his 14 year old sister Lula who has been kidnapped by a gang of outlaws.  Jack is determined to find her so enlists a team of bounty hunters – a Negro/Commanche who is a part time grave digger and tracker with a liking for the bottle, a dwarf who is the smartest of them all, and a 600 lb hog who thinks he’s either a dog or a human.  This quartet head out in search of the outlaws and by the time they catch up, the quartet has grown considerably, everyone interested in sharing the reward money.  It’s very difficult to pull off crime writing and humour, but Lansdale does it brilliantly.  Do grab a copy.  And you’ll see what I mean.


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