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Hello Readers,

We are busily preparing to celebrate our 25th birthday with the Avalon community, and it’s shaping up to be huge. For all of July we have massive giveaways and great prizes, including over $1000 in beautiful books!. Our celebration will culminate in a very special, day long party, on July 29th. We will be welcoming very special guests, including crime writing genius Michael Robotham, Richard Roxburgh, Amanda Hampson, Claire Corbett, Stephanie Darling and Jen Chang. Other guests still to be confirmed. We will, of course, have an enormous birthday cake . Stay tuned for more…….With love, bookoccino


michael editedParenting teenagers can be tricky at the best of times. But when the tough issues arise — behavioural problems, unacceptable risk-taking, bullying, alcohol abuse — things can get extremely difficult and parents can struggle with what to do. Drawing on psychologist Michael Hawton’s 30 years of experience, Engaging Adolescents is a practical guide to help you steer your teenager through the challenging times with confidence.  Michael is a leader in the field of Adolescent Psychology. He is a listed clinical expert with the NSW Children’s Court and an expert witness in the Family Court of Australia. A former teacher, he has spent much of his career working with parents and their children, and has been teaching family services workers and educational leaders in the area of behaviour management for over a decade. Michael has developed parent education programs that have been taught to over 100,000 parents and professionals since 2006 and is a father of two. He brings a clear and unambiguous method-based approach to ease the distress of parents experiencing difficulties with their teenagers’ behaviour.

We invite you to join us on June 8th at the Avalon Recreation Centre at 6pm.

                                                    Please call (02) 99731244 to book or email us


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