broken-onesI’m sorry  its been a while since I’ve written about the books I love.  Two reasons: one was a fabulous two weeks in London, two was Ellie who wants to have her baby too early. Still, Ellie is holding on, and we wait day by day.  Back to books - I did love The Broken Ones.  Irwin is a Queensland author, it’s his second book and it’s great.  Speculative fiction, set in the near future, with everyone acquiring a personal ghost, a ghost who says nothing, just stands there and looks at you.  Of course, this gets wearing and society is starting to fall apart. Detective Oscar Mariani’s personal ghost is a young boy he doesn’t recognise but is his constant companion while Mariani investigates a series of murders involving young girls and arcane symbolism.  The trail leads to the upper levels of power.  I find it really exciting to read a new (for me) Australian author who writes like a dream.  I felt this book is a must-read, and I’ve chosen it for our October bookclub.

October 4 2011
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