nightwoods-2Charles Frazier wrote Cold Mountain, one of 1997’s brilliant books, and now here is his third book, Nightwoods. It’s one of those books I didn’t want to end, a story I became completely caught up in.    It’s set in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.  Luce and her sister have had a rough childhood with an alcoholic mother and a father who couldn’t leave WWII, so Luce is living alone in an old, deserted mountain lodge, caretaking.  Then her sister Lily is killed by her husband, and her young twins, mute because of what they have witnessed, are put into Luce’s care.  But the husband escapes jail, and comes after the twins because he believes they know where Lily hid his stolen money.  Frazier is brilliant in taking us into the mountains and making us become part of this story.  Just loved this book.  One of this year’s best.  Oh, and Ellie had her little baby on friday morning.  Remy and Ellie are doing well.

October 9 2011
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