On friday I was given a copy of this young adult book to read, started and finished it in the bath last night.  I dont know how to describe this book.  Firstly the important bits – it’s written by Sally Gardner and has just won the Carnegie Medal and last year the Costa Children’s Book Award.  It’s set in 1950’s Britain now called the Motherland and   goverment is neo nazi, ruling by terror and violence.  If you protest, you disappear.  Standish Treadwell is 15 and sees the world differently.  We dont realise until further into the book that he’s dyslexic.  His parents have disappeared and a new boy with his family moves in next door and shortly after disappears.  The Motherland is in a space race to get to the moon and Standish realises he must do something to fight back.  The idea that one person can stand up to tyranny is inspiring, even when that person knows what the cost will be.  This is a cold, gritty, dark book that is amazing.  It’s certainly for adults and older teenagers.  Incredible.  Beautiful.  Haunting.  Terrifying.  Fabulous.

June 23 2013
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