Her dystopian trilogy has either driven you crazy or made you fall in love with her writing.  I’ve been an Atwood fan for as long as we’ve had this store, and I’m in the latter camp.  I do know however that some of the people in our bookclub fall into the former.  Well, I’m half way through the third book in the trilogy, due for release later in the year.  I love her mix of humour and violence.  The book is called Maddaddam, a word which looks really weird in italics.  It follows on from Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood. How someone can take a story of genetic tampering, corporate dictatorship and accompanying thuggery, dramatic climate change and ordinary people caught up in it and turn it into something funny, poetic, dramatic, powerful, is truly amazing.  I am in awe not only of her writing but of her ability to conceive this story.  John Updike has said of her ‘Atwood is a poet.  Scarcely a sentence of her quick, dry yet avid prose fails to do useful work.’  And that’s an understatement.  Prepare to be swept away when you start with Oryx and Crake.

June 9 2013
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