One of the crime series I’ve loved is Mons Kallentoft’s Seasons books.  We started with Midwinter Sacrifice,then came Summertime Death, Autumn Killing, and now the fourth book,Savage Spring, is available.  We’ve followed Detective Inspector Malin Fors into some pretty vile crimes and met some horrible villains over a couple of years and three seasons, and now we have a deafening explosion ripping through the peaceful town square.  Two little girls are killed and at first it is thought to be terrorism.  But of course once Malin starts thinking about what’s happened, she sets out on a different tack.  These books are beautifully written and Kallentoft is brilliant at nailing the female voice.  We’ve run out of seasons so I hope Kallentoft invents a few more – I dont want to lose either his books or Malin Fors and her difficult life.

June 1 2013
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