Nigel Farndale’s The Blasphemer is one of those novels with prose that knocks your socks off.  His new book, The Road Between Us, is even better.  It begins in 1939 London where two young men are arrested for conduct unbecoming.  Charles is courtmartialled, Anselm is deported to a German re education camp.  Both are faced with difficult decisions that will impact on the rest of their life. Then it’s 2012 and Edward, Charles’ son, is released from eleven years being held captive by the Taliban in a cave in Afghanistan.  His life is shredded and he decides to work out who arranged to pay his ransom and how his release is linked to his father.  The prose is beautiful, the story worms its way into  your heart, and the way Farndale can bring to life what Anselm’s life in camp was like is nothing short of extraordinary.

June 30 2013
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