Occasionally I read a book that I cant stop talking about.  You know, one of those books whose images stay with you for weeks.  That’s how I feel about The Wolf Border, a story set in modern England/Scotland, just after Scotland has gained independence,  written by Sarah Hall.  A very wealthy Earl has decided to reintroduce wild grey wolves back to the UK, and he entices a local Cumbrian woman to return from her job in Idaho to oversee his project.  There are lots of turns in this story, but the sense of place, the language, the characters are all brilliant.  Do read it – who would have thought a book about the reintroduction of wolves would be so engrossing.  I’ve read one of her previous books, The Carhullan Army, which was amazing, and The Electric Michaelangelo was shortlisted for the Booker Prize.  This woman knows how to write!

June 26 2015
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